Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - April 2017


So far, this year has been moving very fast, I always heard your second time in the East is easier than your first. Not sure if that is fully true, while somethings are easier, I find others to be unexpected challenges that I did not face my first time in the East. We will have our first EA Degree on April 20th and Senior Warden Ritley will be sitting in the East for the degree. Come up to the Lodge and support our new brother and Brother Ritley. Dinner will be at 6:00 and the Lodge will open at 7:00.                   

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, May 13th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The fundraiser proceeds will go to the Special Olympics. We are still working out the all the details, but tickets will be $7 each and include all the pancakes you can eat, plus one side of sausage. Please contact me or any of the officers of the Lodge for tickets. Also, please note, if you got last month’s printed copy of the Trestleboard, the date of the event was incorrect, so please check your calendars.

Spring is in the air and what that means for me and many people is it is time to get our bicycles tuned up and start pounding out some pavement. I frequently travel between 2000 – 3000 miles a summer on my bike. This isn’t meant to sound like I am brag, but to bring awareness. Cyclist like me often find ourselves defending against cars. It’s not a fair fight, we don’t have steel and airbags to protect us. So, please always pass with lots of space between yourself and bikes. It is becoming such an issue the State of Ohio passed a new law requiring cars to pass with at least three feet between themselves and bikes. Another law they passed has to do with traffic lights. Most traffic lights can’t be triggered by a bike, so this requires us to go through lights while they are red. It is now legal for cyclist to go through red lights after they stop.

As you all know it gets pretty warm up in the Lodge as the temperature rises outside.  So, starting with the May 11th meeting and going until the September 14th meeting, the dress code for the Lodge will be business causal for special and stated meetings, if there is no degree.  And I am defining business causal to mean no jeans or shorts and you must have a collard shirt on.


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master