Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - May 2017

It really seems like time is flying by this year. It’s a little hard to believe it’s already May! In April, we tried again to have our first Entered Apprentice degree. Our EA degree that was schedule for April 20th was moved to May 11th.  Please come out and support our candidate and officers.

On May 13th, we will have our Special Olympics Fundraiser. This year we are trying a pancake breakfast. The cost is $7 for all you can eat pancakes, as well as, side of sausage, coffee and juice. We are partnering up with our neighbors, Lakewood Lodge, so please come out and help us support this worthy cause! If you don’t see an officer before the13th, we will have tickets the day of the event, but call or email me to let me know you’re coming because this will help with planning.

This month the 2017 Planning Committee will report their recommendations after the meeting with several Lodges in the area and looking at our options. What I will say is our Lodge cannot continue its current course.

For our Lodge to continue we need several things to change. We need more young men to be members. We need our current ones to contribute to the Lodge, and we need members that can be officers. I’m not going to go in to what the committee will report here; these are just my feelings on what it will take to get us into the future.

One thing I have observed after talking to other Lodges is the successful ones do more than just meeting once week or couple times a month. They do things outside of the Lodge together. This helps build a bond with each other. I think Russ did an excellent job with the Range Night and we need to find more of these types of things to do together.

In closing I want to once again apologize to our brethren that get this mailed to them. I promise to try harder to get this out to you in a timely manner.  To our advertisers, I will get bills out to you soon for next year’s ads. I am still working on getting an all the information to create invoices.

With our summer break coming very soon, I hope to have some time this summer to put something nicer together. I know WB Goldbach is working on a baseball game in June at the Crushers. Please contact him for more information.  Also, we will once again partner up with Al Sirat Grotto to have a summer picnic.

Brethren, if I don’t see you before summer break, please have a safe summer, and keep an eye on our website for activities we may be doing. 


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master