Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - September 2017


It seems just like yesterday I was raping the gavel for the last time before summer break and here we are already talking about summer coming to close and starting our fall session. I hope you had an enjoyable summer, I know mine was very busy. Right now, it is looking like our fall session is going to be very busy as well with degree work. 

By now, you should have received my letter and the planning committee report. Sorry for the lateness of the report, we had planned to have it to you at the start of summer, but you know how plans goes. Based on feedback we had received, I felt the need to write a cover letter and change a few items in the report before sending it to you. I look forward to your feedback good or bad, but more importantly I am hoping you can rise to my challenge. 

There is going to few chances to visit the Lodge with the fall session ahead. We currently have four degrees planned by our annual meeting on November 9th. Starting with two Entered Apprentice degrees on September 21. In October, we will have a Fellow Craft Degree on 5th. We will wrap up the session with a Master Mason on November 2nd. 

The planning committee has continued to work over the summer. We had three sessions so far and plan to work through the fall. We have done our SWAT analysis and completed a list goals for the Lodge and are working on creating a vision statement. We hope to have everything finalized before the annual meeting and present it to the brethren at the meeting. 


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master