Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - October 2017


By the time you read my message, I believe fall will finally be here. I’ve never been a huge fan of fall, but I know many will welcome the cooler temperatures. I have even seen a few trees with their leaves changing colors. After next month, my second term as Master will be over and thankfully, I will only have to apologize one more time to our editor for being late with my message. 

Before the next Installation of new officers, we have a lot to do! We will start the month of October off with a Fellow Craft degree on October 12th. We will have a Master Mason degree on November 2rd. Our annual meeting and fish fry will be on November 9th. Please make sure your dues are paid by that date. 

In September, we had our first degree and we initiated a young man who is very eager to learn and take part in Freemasonry. So much that he came back a week after his degree and did his exam. He will be our candidate for the degree on October 12th, please come out and support him. I have no doubt he will be our Master Mason in November. 

We will need your help for the degree in November. You will be getting a call soon to ask to take a part. Let’s continue to show our support for our young members. Please mark your calendar now. The date is November 2nd! 

As the calendar is already flying by, most likely the work for the Future Committee will have to continue next year. I still hope to get a vision statement started and maybe even finish before the end of my term. I believe our next Master will be ready to, not only finish the work we started this year, but also start to implement it. 

I have stated this before, but we cannot do it without your support. We need your support in many ways, starting with participation in the Lodge. We also need to you hear from you - what are we not doing that you wish we were? This includes anything from meeting to events. This is all our Lodge and it cannot continue without you!


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master