Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - January 2018

Greetings Brethren,

I hope you has an enjoyable holiday season. The new year is symbolic of  change and reflection. Our lodge has transitioned many changes over the past year. I have been placed in charge of this vessel to navigate a safe passage into the next year. I have poured thru my notes and have read many articles and books to help me prepare for my term. Many Brethren have offered me good counsel to address how our lodge should be operated and I am grateful for their insight. The legacy of Rocky River 703 has been in great jeopardy of being lost given the trends set over the past few years. We all have the same heart and spirit for the institution. It ebbs and flows at times but we are all still proud Masons. Upon reflection fellowship is the most critical piece of our puzzle. I extend an open mind and warm heart to those willing to sacrifice their time to exchange thoughts and history both personally and in open lodge.

The 42nd annual breakfast in the park is soon upon us. We have opened this event to include fellowship from other lodges district wide. I welcome all of our members to attend. This is a great opportunity to bring someone you feel worthy of light in Masonry.

Our Most Worshipful Master Eric R. Schau has initiated the "Replace Yourself" program for his year. This is key to keeping our fraternity and it's celestial other bodies alive. The Blue Lodge is the entrance point of becoming a Mason. I can not impress upon your mind how important it is to keep our doors open to make Masons. It is equally important to confer the quality of degree work message to retain members and build character. There is no reason we can not thrive. There will be many new events posted for this new year including a Rusty Nail degree.

I would like to personally thank our officer line for their dedication to our craft to keep our lodge alive. I also thank all of the past masters for their assistance. Their wisdom is key to our search of perfection. May good health and fortune find you well this new year.

William P Ritley, WM