Rocky River #703, F&AM

22 Sep
Hold this date!
Date 09.22.2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This will be an important date for the Lodge, more information coming soon.

From The East - January 2020

Season’s Greetings Brethren, 

I hope peace and joy has found its way to each and every one of you.  I thank you for placing your trust in me to guide our lodge through another masonic year.  I would also like to thank all of our lodge officers for their wisdom and dedication in keeping our lodge alive.  We request all hands-on deck to help meet our proficiency in our Master Mason inspection this year.  Your attendance at our meetings and participation at events will help our lodge prosper.

Our annual awards night is scheduled for January 9th, 2020.  Dinner will be served at 6 P.M. and will promptly open lodge at 7 P.M. in Master Mason.   We have 14 recipients this year, so your support and enthusiasm will be earnestly solicited. 

We will be conferring the Rusty Nail Degree on January 23, 2020.  This degree is helpful to remind our Brethren of signs and symbols they may have forgotten over time.  The purpose of the meeting that follows is to discuss the future of Rocky River Lodge and the options of where we are heading.   This is a serious matter that has plagued our lodge for many years.  We are looking for your input to make the best decisions on behalf of all of our Brethren. 

On a lighter note, our annual Breakfast in the Park is scheduled for January 26, 2020, at the Mastic Road Pavilion in the metro parks.  It is an age-old tradition with great fellowship.   This has always been an excellent opportunity to bring potential candidates to brave the elements and meet our brethren.   

As a friendly reminder, in accordance with the changes to our bylaws,  we are now meeting at 7 P.M. at our stated meetings.  I hope to see you on the sidelines and that this message finds you well.


William P. Ritley, W.M.