Rocky River #703, F&AM

From The East - March 2017

Brethren, at the start of the year I talked about pride and how important it was for us to regain our lost pride. I am happy to say that the officers made me proud and I believe everyone felt it at our inspection. Our inspection went very well and I’m proud of our performance! I want to thank everyone that either took part in our inspection or helped in some way. I want to give special thanks to Brother Edwards for helping with dinner, Worshipful Brother Croxford for his work with the Fellow Craft team and his Charge, Worshipful Brother Kilpatrick for playing his bagpipes, and Right Worshipful Brother Krapf for his lector. Also, I would like to thank the Eastern Stars for the much-needed refreshments after the degree. We had over 40 brethren attend the inspection. We also had few past and present Grand Lodge officers attend the inspection including, Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Schau.  

We have not been out much traveling this year, but I would like to change that and try to make it to a few other Lodge inspections. I want to thank all the brethren that have traveled to an inspection this year. If you have not traveled and would like to get out there and visit, there is still time, let me know and I will try to join you!

We were planning on a second Master Mason degree this month, but for now, it will be moved to a later day.  Worshipful Brother Kilpatrick is planning a night at the range on March 30.  Please contact him soon if you would like to attend.  See below for more details. I am also planning on having a fundraiser for Special Olympics and hope to have more information by next month.



Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master

From The East - February 2017


My second term seems to be moving very quickly. That is in large part because we have had busy couple months. As all things go, we had a few schedule changes, so please always check the Lodge website for the latest news and dates. And for those of you that get our news by slow mail, I promise to try and get you updated information sooner as I work through the best and fast way to get a printed copy out to you. 

We had our annual awards night on January 19th, two Fellow Craft Degrees on January 28th, and our breakfast in the park on January 29th. I want to thank Brother Dovilla for his hard work on put on an excellent night for our awardees. Our Fellow Craft degrees went well; I want to thank everyone that helped out. Brother Ritley and Worshipful Brother Pominville stepped up and helped at the last minute to fill chairs. Brother Elmerick, from Mid-Century Lodge, did the first part of FC lecture and Worshipful Bother Goldbach did the change. I want to send out a huge thank you to WB Goldbach for all his help with breakfast, he made the breakfast possible. Brothers Ritley and Godby were also a huge help. Thank you brethren! I hope you were able to make it out to these events, and there is more to come. 

There has been a lot of talk of what to do next. How many of our Brethren would be interested in going to a baseball game or a hockey game? I would also like to have a fundraiser for Special Olympics, but I think the spaghetti dinners have run their course and we need to do something new.  I was thinking about have a “Dip off”. People could enter a dip or salsa in a competition and people would pay $5 for a small bag of chips and a voting card. I’m looking for other ideas as well. The plan is to do our fundraiser in April, so we need to get something going soon. Worshipful Brother Kilpatrick is planning a range night March 30th. See detail below and contact him to reserve your spot.   

As we move through February we will begin to get ready for our inspection with some upcoming practices. Inspection will be on March 2nd and we will be inspected in the Master Mason Degree. If you haven’t already received a call from Worshipful Bother Croxford, you will. If you do get a call from him, please call him back, even if you can’t help with the upcoming Master Mason Degrees. This will make his job a little easier as he pulls the team together. 

Brethren, I am truly grateful for all the help and support! And if you haven’t made to lodge in a while, I look forward to seeing you in the future.


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master

From The East - December 2016

Hello again.  Brethren, I want to thank the Lodge for trusting me to a second term as Worshipful Master, and I hope I can live up to the expectations you have placed on me.  I am looking forward to our year ahead, but I am aware that we have a lot of work ahead of us.  Our Lodge is at a crossroad and we have to make some hard decisions going forward.  We made the first one this past month by electing me as the first repeat Master of the Lodge.  The streak was a point of pride for our Lodge, but not the only point of pride that we have.  We have always prided ourselves in our ritual work.  I will be focusing on this area throughout the year.  I want the brethren on the side lines to be proud of the work the Lodge is doing and I want the officers to be proud of doing it.  I am putting the finishing touches developing my plan for the year and assisting the officers to develop a long term plan. Learning the lectures will be another area of focus for improvement.  I plan on using all Thursdays without scheduled events for working on lectures and other parts of the ritual.  Anyone wanting to learn or brush up on ritual work is encouraged to attend these meetings.
I would like to share a few important dates with you.  Our Senior Warden William Ritley, will perform an Entered Apprentice degree on December 15th.  Please come out and support him and our new brother.  Our Awards Night will be on January 19th.  Junior Warden Michael Dovilla will handle this special evening.  Breakfast in the Park will be on Sunday January 29th.  This is a non-Masonic event open to our friends who are not Freemasons.  This years Inspection will be in the Master Mason Degree and will be on March 2nd.  I will require all hands-on deck for this one.  We will start working on the team in January.  Please mark the date on your calendars as we will need you!  I will keep you posted on when we will have the Special Olympics fundraiser.  
I am still formalizing the full calendar for the year.  Time permitting I would like to perform a degree at the Western Reserve Masonic Home this year.  The last time we did one it was a lot of fun and now there is a Lodge that meets at the Home so it should be a little easier.  Also, we are planning on putting a Rust Nail degree this year so if it has been a while since you have been to Lodge, or if you would like to review a few things, this will be a great time to come to the Lodge.  More information on this to follow.  I will do my best this year to keep the website and Facebook updated with what is going on in our Lodge so please check these regularly for updates.  Things can change when we get candidates that need degrees performed.
Finally, I would like to thank Worshipful Brother Steve Pominville for his service to the Lodge this past year.  If you have not been attending Lodge for a while, please try to come.  I look forward to meeting the Brethren and we always have dinner ready around 6:30.
Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master Elect

From The East - January 2017


I want to thank everyone who attended the Installation of Officers of Rocky River Lodge #703. The Job’s Daughters did a great job of serving the food and clean up. After the installation, we had some brownies and lemon bars made by our local bakery, Wild Flour Bakery. If you haven’t had a chance to try their bakery, you can check them out on at I want to give a big thank you to my Installing Master, WB Ben Farah, and Installing Marshals, WB Thomas Lindsey and WB Karl Hoffman.

We will have a busy first quarter, but we will start out slow after the holidays and have officers meeting on January 5, dinner is 6:00 all are welcome. Our Awards Night will be on January 19, with our Junior Warden, Michael Dovilla, in charge of the night.

We will have our first degree this month. The degree will be in Entered Apprentice on January 26, and Brother Ritley will take the East for the degree. Please come out and show your support for our new brother and the officers.

Our favorite cold event, the breakfast in the park will be on January 29. Dress warm because you never know what the weather will be like, and we could have a day so cold, the egg will freeze. If you haven’t done so yet, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board posted in the Lodge or call or email me. Also, this will be a District Passport Program Event and visiting brethren will get their passports stamped for attending.   

Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor has announced that we have a Grand Master’s Class on Saturday, March 25. Petitions need to be in soon. Candidates will need to be available on March 25 and June 24 for the tercentennial celebration.

I hope you all had a happy holiday season and I want to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!


Brian Spooner, Worshipful Master

From The East - November 2016


It’s November, and the holidays are right around the corner. People are going to start getting busy preparing for them, and things are getting busy around here too. On the 3rd, we have an officer practice. Our SW Bill Ritley will be in the East, and I will be sitting in the West. On the 10th, we will be having our Annual Meeting where the officers that will govern our lodge next year will be elected.

This will also be the last Stated Meeting before the installation of officers on December 1st since we will be dark on the 24th for Thanksgiving. This is my final newsletter as Worshipful Master of our lodge. My year has been filled with many fun events and I’m very proud to have brought in three new brethren to our lodge. I will always remember my year in the East, and I feel that I’ve grown a lot as a Mason.  I’ve attended many events as the representative of our lodge, and it’s been a great experience to have been the 88th Worshipful Master.

I’m planning on continuing to be active in the lodge as the LEO (Lodge Education Officer) if duly elected where I can educate the brethren with Masonic history and information. I hope that my articles have been interesting and informative. Thanks for giving me your attention this year, and I hope that you enjoy reading my final article.

Make Freemasonry a part of your life every day!


Steven Pominville, WM



 From the address of the Grand Master of Arkansas , M. W. Ichabod, J. Jordan. Freemasons' Monthly Magazine - 1857 "

Our principal tenets are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. What can be sounder and more deeply moral than our creed? What more beautiful and simple than our tenets? That institution built upon the sand (we have from high authority) must fall, but that which is built upon a rock resists all floods and storms; and, amid crumbling empires and falling dynasties, still lifts its time honored head above the ruins, pursuing those labors of love and good will to the human family, that have characterized Freemasonry in all cries of its existence, Dr. Oliver very truly says: “There is something in Masonry deeper and better than words and signs and ceremonies;” and I say that he who is content with merely knowing how to work his way into a Lodge room and to pass himself as a Brother, will never see the real living beauties of Masonry - will never behold the dazzling glory of the Mystic Temple - its moral, its Scriptural excellencies.

I admit that the outward defenses thrown around our institution are absolutely necessary to preserve the secrets of the Order from unhallowed hands, and the approach of the impostor and the unworthy; and all Masons should be perfect in a knowledge of them; but then we must bear in mind that they are but the casket that contains the precious jewel - the hull that conceals the kernel - the shell to preserve the egg.

The destruction of the one is the inevitable ruin of the other. Preserve both. Masonry itself is a living, active principle, possessing both a body and a soul, as well as outward adornments. Its paraphernalia and mystic signs are but the robes that enshrine and cover its vital, living principles, with which every Mason should be deeply imbued. We should all stand by and contend for the old land marks of the Order, and never recognize the existence of any power under the canopy of heaven to change those features of the Masonic Ritual which mark its distinctiveness as a systems and give it universality in the three symbolical Degrees.

The world may and ought to progress in the arts and sciences, in philosophy and morals. In our efforts to do good, to alleviate the sufferings of our species to dry the widow's tears, to educate and relieve the orphan, to hush the sighs of affliction and human woe, to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and instruct the ignorant - in all these, as the divine mission of our Order, we may progress. There should be progression. But in the observance of our Ritual we should be 'Old Fogies.' While it behooves us to preserve, with vestal vigilance, all the words, signs and ceremonies of the Ritual, we should also dig deep for the pearls that lie concealed at the bottom, and familiarize ourselves with our great principles, and become well acquainted with those sublime doctrines so beautifully taught and illustrated by our symbols. To do this satisfactorily requires great diligence.

We must not only commit to memory our lectures, but should avail ourselves of all the Masonic publications and authorized Masonic literature, to which we can gain access. Time and perseverance accomplish all things; and the beauties and moral excellencies of Masonry are only to be discovered and rightly appreciated by the industrious and diligent student. A lazy Mason is a misnomer."