Rocky River #703, F&AM

From the East - November 2014

Greetings from the East, 

Amazing! The peak of autumn in mid-October – golds and yellows, crimson red, bright burnt orange, faded greens. I had the opportunity to experience a kaleidoscope of these colors while driving south on I-71 to Cincinnati for the 205th Annual Grand Lodge communication. Brethren, take the time to experience and enjoy each and every season. Every season reveals God’s glorious works and wonderful creations! 

An important proposal passed at Grand Lodge allows for Ohio lodges to have gambling on the premises that is permitted according to the laws of the State of Ohio. This is a step in the right direction for our fraternity. The proposal to allow alcohol consumption (beer, wine and champagne) received significant support, but did not achieve the required majority to pass. I believe this issue should be decided by individual lodges and, hopefully, there will be a proposal to do this in the near future. 

Another point of importance at Grand Lodge was our Worshipful Brother, Jonathan Krapf, was appointed as a District Educational Officer for the 22nd District. In my travels, there is no better lecturer in the District. He reflects all the principles and lessons that are taught in the lectures and is truly a Mason to emulate. Congratulations and good luck to Worshipful Brother Krapf! 

I want to thank my primary officers, Senior Warden Jimmy Dixon and Junior Warden Steve Pominville. In the leadership forums, they stress that if you have a successful year it is because of your officers but if you don’t then it’s a fault of the master! I believe we had a successful year and a lot of that success is because of these brothers and by the work of the other officers. Thanks for your efforts and hard work. I will be supportive and assist you in your journey to the East. I hope and challenge all Past Masters and brethren to do the same. 

This is my last article written by me as your Worshipful Master. Our editor told me to write with some substance. I tried to touch on the teachings and principles of Masonry and the importance of education and proficiency and the work the Craft. I tried to be insightful and meaningful and it my hope that the brethren took something back from these articles. I have my notes on when I was first installed as Master from our Past Master’s breakfast. Being an operative mason, I talked of the restoration and rebuilding of our lodge. My main goal was to establish a solid foundation for our future officers and our lodge as a whole to build on. I hope to some degree I have accomplished this role. Once again, thanks to everybody who has aided and assisted me this past year. It was a pleasure and an honor to serve you as the 86th Worshipful Master of Rocky River 703. Thank you and God bless. 

Fraternal regards, 


Michael Goldbach, Worshipful Master 

From the East - October 2014

Some of Mason’s best and simplest teachings are that of the exploration of our working tools. In the Compagnon Degree that we presented, the “Tools” are the Square, the Level and the Plumb. With them we try, square and prove. With them we learn the faculties of judgment, what is true and what is real. What is truth? What is reality? Do we, as Masons, have a better idea of truth and reality?

On Saturday, October 11th, we have a special called meeting for an Entered Apprentice Degree. On October 16th, we have a tentative Entered Apprentice Degree that will be done by the past masters. This is due to the absence of the primary officers who will be attending Grand Lodge in Cincinnati that week. Watch for updated announcements on our web site.

October 30th will be a very, very special meeting for our lodge and district. Mark your calendars and try to attend this special meeting!

Once again I would like to thank everybody that helped, consulted and assisted me this past year. Much appreciated.

Fraternally, Michael Goldbach, Worshipful Master

From the East - May 2014

“All Candidates and Mentors, please stand.  Say I Pronounce your name in full and repeat after me….”  Imagine 45 Candidates doing this in unison for all these degrees.  Imagine hearing this.  It was quite an experience for me and all the candidates at the one-day class.  It was very compelling, especially the repeating of the obligations.  They went through all degrees from opening to closing lectures charges an educational summary of the degree, as I said it was compelling.  There is so much information and teachings of each degree that the candidates had to be on sensory overload!  The whole event presented by the 22nd District was very well done, with the exception of the $12 Sloppy Joe lunch – LOL.  It is every Master Mason’s obligation to help guide and assist candidates in the work of the craft.

We will be busy until we go dark.  We have a Master Mason’s Degree on May 1st. It is quite possible that we will also have a Fellowcraft Degree and an Apprentice Degree before summer.  We will keep you posted.

Our Spaghetti Dinner is May 3rd at 4:30 and the fee is $10 with proceeds going to the Special Olympics.  If this is supported by all members and groups within our temple, it will be a success.  Mark your calendars.  Help make it a success.  Correction Note:  Opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics will be June 27th (not the 21st as was incorrectly stated last month – my bad).  

Rocky River Bethel 11Job’s Daughters are honoring Master Masons on May 5th. Let us honor them attending this event.  It is guaranteed that you will be honored by their appreciation.  Our youth groups are important and are taught the same lessons, values and morals as us Masons.  Let us support our work groups.

On May 15th we will have a special event.  My father, Walter Goldbach, illustrated the 1948 Chief Wahoo, will be speaking.  This is an open event.  All are invited.  I have never heard my dad give his presentation and am looking forward to it.  Hot dogs and other baseball fare food will be on the menu.  Worshipful Brother Mark Rantala will do a Podcast at the event and it should be fun.  Hopefully, no protestors will be on Lake Avenue!  Ha-Ha.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the board for anyone interested in attending a Tribe game and/or Crushers game – dates to be announced.  I‘m in!

This is my last article before we go dark.  How about in your summer leisure time you read a book on Masonry – time well-spent!  We will be having movie nights, possible ball games and gatherings this summer.  Check the website for postings and information.  Brethren, have and make it a great summer for you, your family and your friends.  Cheers!


Fraternally yours,

Michael Goldbach, Worshipful Master

From the East - September 2014

I hope that everybody had a wonderful summer! We – being myself, SW Jimmy Dixon and JW Steve Pominville – had a busy Masonic summer, even though we were dark. In June, we attended awards night at Quarry Lodge. Our Lodge received three awards. The first was an attendance award for District 22 Leadership Forums, which your officers attend. The second was Most Improved Website. Our WB Brian Spooner has done a great job improving our website. Hats off to you! Check it out at www. This will become our main source of communication in the near future. Our third certificate was for the Circa 1300 Operative Fellowcraft Degree that we will be presenting on October 2nd. This is a 22nd District Education event based on a Fellowcraft Ritual of the Operative Masonic Guilds of that time. The following week, we headed down to Columbus for the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Ohio Masons in attendance were 300 or so strong. We marched in and as we turned by the main grandstands, the people shouted in unison “Thank You, Masons!” Their appreciation really made us proud to be Masons! Most Worshipful Brother Norman J. Mick submitted a check for $175,000. Impressive dollar amount. Thank you to all who donated. The whole event was well done and it was a humbling and heartfelt experience to watch the parade of participants. My wife and I were teary-eyed at the lighting of the torch. 

In July, our Lodge joined Lakewood and Clifton Gaston Allen and the Job’s Daughters to march in Lakewood’s 4th of July parade. The Masonic Fraternity was well represented. The lodges have invited us to Lakewood’s Winterfest parade in December. We have become more active with our neighbor lodges and within the District. Also in July we joined with the Grotto and had a picnic in the Metroparks. Everyone had a great time. It was all about family, food, fun and fellowship. The main events were the egg and balloon toss and we had some fun competitive corn hole games. We’ve had events outside our meetings for the benefit of our members and families. Try to attend these meetings and become involved with your lodge. 

We have some candidates waiting in the wings from EAs to MMs but nothing on the books as of yet. We do have a tentative special on Saturday, September 20th for an Entered Apprentice Degree, watch the website. Candidates, let’s hit those exam books so you become more educated and proficient in Masonry and its teachings and become involved with your lodge and its future. 

We are going to have a busy month of October. Our lodge is hosting the 13th Century Fellowcraft degree for the 22nd District. The play’s script is based on a history and initiation of a Fellowcraft operative, followed by discussion of its correspondence to the ritual of modern day speculative masons. The main roles played by myself as the Master and Brother Chuck Lawther as the Senior Deacon. WB Jon Krapf will be the MC of the event. 

The hourglass – oh how quickly the sands run. My year is rapidly coming to an end. Before you know it, we will have our Annual Meeting in November and our fish fry and the installation of officers in December. I am ready to pass the torch. I would like to make a preliminary, hearty THANK YOU! to all Brethren who have assisted me this past year. 

Michael Goldbach, Worshipful Master

From the East - April 2014

Brethren,  Taking your cadence from me, close your eyes, relax, slowly take a deep breath from your belly to the top of your chest, fill your lungs to their capacity, hold a second at the height of your inhale, slowly exhale from your mouth.  In your mind, visualize your breath as you exhale as a color or a vapor.  Imagine seeing your exhale – then exhale all the way down to your abdomen.  Relax … Repeat …. Breath … Breath Deep … Exhale … Visualize your Breath … PHEW!  Our inspection is over.  I used this simple breathing technique during our inspection.  Oxygen is a good thing!  Pinch nose and see how long you can go without it --  ha ha!  Brethren, this simple breathing technique does a mind and a body so much good.  Try this simple technique next time you are stressed and tense.

The officers and I have attended Leadership Forums that are offered by the 22nd District for upcoming and current officers.  District Education Officer Worshipful Brother Tony Constantine was talking of our ritual work and how our work is supposed to blow the candidate away.  He went on to say it should have a “Wow!” effect on the candidate.  After I raised our new brother and escorted him through the East as our stewards of fellowcrafts were dropping officers at their stations, I leaned over and whispered, “Well, what do you think of all this?”  He answered me in one word.  “Wow!”  Congratulations to our lodge for obtaining the “Wow!” Factor.  Wow is what I also say of the whole night.  Brethren, we all did an awesome job.  There are so people to thank that it would take up this whole newsletter.  So, I just want to give one big thank you to all that helped plan, practice and participate in our annual inspection.  My sincere appreciation.  In my closing remarks, I did not make mention or give recognition to many brothers.  I went up to Greg Hayden afterword for not acknowledging him for his Bible presentation.  He said, “Don’t worry about it, Worshipful Brother.  It’s alright.  I don’t do it to be thanked by you.”  Remember Brethren we work our craft to the best of our ability for the benefit of the candidate and the enlightenment of the candidate.  Once again, thanks to all. 

 Please mark your calendars for our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Special Events on Saturday, May 3rd from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.  We have tickets ($10 each) for the dinner at the lodge or call BJW Steven Pominville at 216-659-5306 or BSW Jimmy Dixon at 440-429-0626.  Please attend this worthwhile event.  The masonic fraternity is the main contributor for Special Olympics.  They honor the masons at their opening ceremonies.  When the masons are introduced, participants and spectators go crazy with cheers and applause.  The stadium is electrified.  BSW Jimmy Dixon has experienced this and I want to experience this also.  So, the calendar is marked for Friday, June 21st for the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics. 

Walter Goldbach, my dad, is scheduled to do a presentation at our lodge on May 15th.  Dad was the original illustrator of the 1948 Chief Wahoo.  The logo was created in 1947 and used by the team through the 1951 season.  Come hear his story.  It will be an open meeting, so bring your family, friends and all baseball fans are welcome.

We are hosting a Circa 1361 Operative Fellowcraft Degree for the 22nd District.  I called on the Past Masters to help me with this event.  The script looks interesting in the way speculative masonry adopted some of the rituals for the operatives.  It will take memorization and some efforts.  Acacia Lodge is hosting their presentation on Friday, April 25th.  Let’s do a little road trip to check it out. 

Bethel 11 Jobs Daughters are honoring Master Masons on Monday, May 5th.  They have been extremely helpful this past year.  Let’s show our support to our youth organizations. 

Visit the 22nd Website.  Check out events coming up and check out our new format on our Website.  Nice!   Happy Spring and Happy Easter to everyone.


Fraternally yours,

Michael Goldbach, Worshipful Master