Rocky River #703, F&AM

22 Sep
Hold this date!
Date 09.22.2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This will be an important date for the Lodge, more information coming soon.

The Committee for the Lodge Future

The Lodge adopted a motion to create a committee to explore all future options for the Lodge. The Committee has met, identified potential options, received ideas from WB Lindsey and begun research on 11 potential options to strengthen the Lodge or determine a future direction. The options include mergers, the potential of a new Westshore Lodge to be created from several lodges, means to strengthen our officer corps and grow our memberships, the creation of a Westshore Fellowcraft team to benefit all the Lodges.  Research includes valuing our building and the potential sale, if a merger took us to another Lodge. The  Committee is working hard to explore all options.  Ideas are welcome.  The Committee was instructed to report to the Lodge by May.  Our deputies have explained that the future of the Lodge is strictly a decision of our members not the Grand Lodge.  We have the good fortune of doing a research without financial duress as the Lodge finances are stable as well as the Temple Board which has no mortgage and annually produces a surplus. All options are being explored.  If you have ideas please let the Committee know.  WB Rantala, WB Goldbach, WB Kirkpatrick and WB Spooner.   

- WB Mark Rantala